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Key Offerings

Some of our key offerings include:
– One-Stop Shopping
– Dedicated Account Manager
– Online Catalog
– Two to Three-Day Delivery
– Large Volume Ordering
– Blanket Purchase Orders
– Configuration
– Serial Numbers
– Asset Tagging
– Warehousing

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Advant Tech Solution Company

For Technology-related hardware, software and solutions

Advant Tech Solution, a woman owned HUB, has been delivering what customers want: technology products, when and where they’re needed, at a competitive price. Advant Tech offers customers access to more than 300,000 products and services from over 2500 suppliers in the information technology industry. From the beginning, our commitment to operational excellence and superior customer service has allowed us to enjoy uninterrupted customer growth in excess of 30% annually.

Advant Tech seeks to reduce the inherent inefficiencies that customers face in sourcing, procuring and fulfilling technology-related products and services. We’re one of the first computer product resellers in the U.S. to adopt a virtual warehouse model — a model that is far superior to the physical warehouses of the past. This model enables us to drop-ship products to the customer directly from wholesale distribution centers and manufacturers. By eliminating unnecessary steps in the procurement cycle, we save our customers time and money.

Why Is Advant Tech So Successful?

Business Model & Concept

We constantly strive to become better at what we do by finding ways to increase our productivity and improve our customer service. ADVANT TECH has remained at the forefront of the computer reseller industry by:

  • Embracing the drop-ship model
  • Placing a substantial number of customer orders via XML
  • $3 billion of available inventory in 10 distribution centers
  • Free ground delivery
  • Automated returns


Technology has been one of the key ingredients to Advant Tech’s success. Our SG&A costs are among the lowest in the industry as a result of our technological innovations.


The greatest reason for our success is our people. The Advant Tech team provides the highest quality of customer service in the industry. The way we treat our employees coupled with our strong commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction have enabled us to stand out among the competition.

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